This world is in a sort of industrial age, except that only the most powerful have any access whatsoever. Of course, as a result there is a black market for the good techie stuff, and a ton of money being illegally funneled into development of technology. For the good and honest folks, though, to see a Spinning Jenny is not only beyond rare, but any who do see it are terrified of persecution. Tech be the good stuff, people. Most of the world is dustbowl-y, think long stretches of dry dirt with tumbleweed and dust scattered about, but there are small spots of lush forest and a north pole. The north pole, the “Frosinn √örgangur,” is believed by most not to exist, due to the limited access to it. If you can find it in the MMs, you can find and play it here. Races can also be invented. If it makes sense for a race to possibly coexist, they do.

The One Where the Antagonist Just Won't Shut Up